Solicitation Policy for Sales of Financial Products

Definition of Investment Solicitation

Solicitation of investment in our company means soliciting sales, etc. or investment when a special purpose company, etc. sells real estate trust beneficiary rights or solicits anonymous association investment, etc.

Investment Solicitation Policy

We will endeavor to solicit investments that are compatible with our client's intentions, based on a thorough understanding of our client's investment experience, investment objectives, and financial resources.

Description of products handled

In recommending products, we strive to provide appropriate explanations of product details and risks in light of the customer's knowledge, experience, and investment objectives.

Compliance with laws, regulations, and rules

In the solicitation, we will always place the utmost priority on securing customer trust, complying with laws, regulations, and rules, and being customer-oriented.

Acquisition and study of knowledge and skills

Our officers and employees are constantly striving to acquire and improve their knowledge and skills to ensure that we do not betray the expectations and trust of our clients. In addition, we are striving to strengthen our internal control system to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and appropriate solicitation.