Aiming to become a "social developer®"
As part of the Hoosiers Group
We will promote the creation of a sustainable society.

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Representative Director, YUKIO FUJII
Representative Director,YUKIO FUJII

Hoosiers Capital Management.,Ltd. is an asset management company that manages private REITs and private funds in the Hoosiers Group, a developer with a proven track record in real estate development with a focus on "residential" properties throughout Japan.

In January 2024, we merged Hoosiers REIT Advisors, Inc. and Vermilion Capital Management Corporation, and are working to develop a broader range of real estate asset management business by sharing and streamlining our know-how.

We are committed to providing investment products and high quality asset management services that enable investors to invest and manage their assets with confidence over the long term by leveraging the real estate network and know-how of our group, and by emphasizing compliance, internal controls, and risk management.
By continuing to earnestly implement these initiatives, we aim to build a relationship of continuous trust with you and grow as an asset management company.

We would like to thank you for your support and further encouragement.

News Release

  • April 1, 2024
    Our office has moved on 1 April 2024.