Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

Customer-Oriented Business Operation Policy

We will formulate and publicize a clear policy to realize customer-oriented business operations.
In addition, we will periodically review such policies to achieve better business operations.

Pursuing the best interests of our customers

We will conduct our business with integrity and fairness to our clients, strive to understand the needs of our clients provide services that take advantage of the strengths of the Hoosiers Group, and manage our business to contribute to the interests of our clients.

Appropriate management of conflicts of interest

In transactions where the interests of our clients conflict with the interests of other clients or companies of our group, we shall properly manage the possibility of conflicts of interest by following laws, regulations, and internal rules to prevent the interests of our clients from being impaired.

Clarification of fees, etc.

We will make every effort to indicate the details of the fees and other costs to be borne by the client and to ensure that they are fully understood.
The amount of fees will be based on certain standards, which will be discussed and set for each client.

Provide important information in an easy-to-understand manner

We will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the benefits, risks, terms, and conditions of the financial products and services that we recommend or sell to our clients, as well as the expected client demographics, based on our understanding of our client's knowledge, experience, and trading objectives.
Concerning private REIT investment corporations, information will be disclosed appropriately on the relevant investment corporation's unitholders-only website, etc., following laws, ordinances, and internal rules.

Provide the service you deserve.

We will strive to understand our clients' transaction objectives and needs and provide them with financial products and services, including follow-up services, that are appropriate for them.
The Company does not recommend or sell complex or risky financial products that combine multiple financial products or services.

Appropriate motivational framework for employees, etc.

To operate in conformity with our customer-oriented business operation policy, we will develop and maintain a thorough compliance and appropriate governance structure through regular and ongoing compliance training, participation in external related seminars, and encouragement of certification acquisition.